Sunday, September 18, 2016

This post has nothing to do with Mission Quilts!  But it has everything to do with three of us that make them!!

"Once upon a time," I treated each Lori, Konnie and myself to little quilter panels.

We decided to have a little "Quilt Challenge!" (during 2014).  Together, we went to a fabric store, we picked out three (four?) pieces of fabrics that we would each use.  After each deliberated on patterns, etc., we took another "fabric foray" and picked out companion fabrics to add to the predetermined fabric.

In November, the contest closed.  Here are the fabulous results!!

Konnie's wall quilt:
                             (front)                                                                (back)

 Lori's wall quilt:

and Mine:

Wasn't that fun?  The Big Reveal took place November 18, 2014! (Yes! Konnie already had hers totally quilted!!)

Lori, Konnie and SG


laurie.lavan said...

Thanks for posting our challenge quilts! It is fun to see them again!

Quilters SG and L said...

So glad you enjoyed!! We need to finish our hand quilting so we can soon begin another quilt!! ����. Pattern ideas??