Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shhhh.... don't tell Lori...

...but I've made another block (correctly!) today. :-)

(Today's sleet and freezing rain has reconfigured the events of the day... which means a Free Day with No Specific Plans! Hurrah!)

This photo shows the seven blocks we had after leaving our last, and final, quilt class. It's looking pretty good, isn't it? Each finished block is 12" square. There are enough blocks to sew one strip of seven blocks together. To make the finished quilt, we will be sewing six strips, of seven blocks each, together and adding three borders, around each of the four sides, of different fabrics and widths prior to making the "sandwich" of the sewn quilt top, batting (inside layer), and backing (the underside of the quilt). Then it will be hand quilted by Lori and me and perhaps a few other quilting friends. The final step is to add the binding.

Okay! Here are our 8 (eight!) quilt blocks. What do you think, now? I arranged them this way to be able to better appreciate the over all design of the finished quilt. Be watching for a few variances.

The overall design will remain the same, but details will vary because we are using coordinating fabric scraps that remind us of Christmas. At this point, the scraps we've used have created 8 blocks. We will soon be incorporating those coordinating fabrics into other blocks. It should be fun!

Well... maybe we could tell Lori, after all.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Second (and final) Night of Class

Shady and I had four blocks and a pillow going into the second night of class, and seven block and a pillow coming out. Only 35 blocks to go! I haven't told Shady this yet, but that amounts to a total of 1848 pieces of fabric in the blocks of our Jacob's Ladder Quilt! Shhh!

Here are some pictures from our second class:

I am thankful for strip quilting!!!!

Yippee, close to completing one more block!

The Diligent...

Of course, some of our classmates were a little more industrious between classes and came into the second class with all 42 blocks completed!

Those quilters went home from the second class with something that looked a lot like a quilt top!

I think we're the only ones with a completed pillow block, however! ;-) Lori's piece.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Midst Gales of Laughter

Last night my husband returned home from a meeting, only to be met by gales of laughter eminating from the basement. Hmmmm....

Background: My friend Lori and I had decided to take a quilting class. Three weeks ago, we attended our first class. We measured, cut and sewed little pieces of fabric; each creating one single 12" quilt block after 4 hours' of instruction. We were on our way to making a Jacob's Ladder* quilt. Only 40 more blocks to go!

Back to the Basement: So, in preparation for tonight's class, we met in my basement last night to sew at least one more block each. Hopefully we have time to make another in class tonight. We'll see.

Back to the gales of laughter...

This is what each block is supposed to look like.

Do you see a discrepancy here? Yes, that is my block...
top right corner. Soon to be a pillow. :-)

And, a Blog is Born! "One Quilt and a Pillow."

I created one more block today. Now we have four good ones!
I still have an hour before class. Maybe I can sew one more?????
Lori and I will take turns posting from here on in.
You can trace our steps in the making of our quilt.

*Do you suppose we could call the quilt Polemonium? :-) by Shady Gardener