Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saying Goodbye to a Two-Year Friendship...

The Auction Date arrived.
This morning celebrated the 31st Annual Thanksgiving Ingathering,
begun in November, 1978 at the former Westmar College in LeMars, Iowa.

From that humble beginning, the idea spread and it is now celebrated all around the state in a variety of locations.

All the funds raised, through the sale of a variety of donations from United Methodist Church congregations, are channeled to such relief organizations as Self-Help, Heifer International, Crop Walk, etc. Below are photos of most of the quilts that were sold at the quilt auction this morning.

If you look down the row towards the end, you'll see our Christmas 'Jacob's Ladder' quilt!

There it is! The third from the left (below)...

Shhhh! The auction has begun, and unless you want to place a bid...

Oh! We were so excited!
People kept bidding and bidding (I tried for awhile), and then it got down to a contest between two bidders... $175... $200... $225... $235... $245... $255!

It was sold for $255.00

We may just try this again!

Watch for the news of a new quilt...

although, we may not begin for awhile.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Finished!

Jacob's Ladder
is the name of this pattern.

The quilt is finished as of 12:00 Midnight
October 28, 2009.

Here it is, draped over a recliner.

Placed over a twin-sized bed...

... with some teddy bears.

Another view.

Closer view

We had it Long Arm Quilted at the quilt store.
Here you can see the work.

Now it will be sold at auction, helping to raise money in addressing the problem of world hunger. The auction will be at Iowa Weslyan College, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa on Saturday, November 7 around 11:30 A.M. Are you interested? Contact Brenda Mayer at 319-3351-7337 or

The pillow? I think I'll make another block... so Lori and I might each have a pillow as a reminder. :-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Could I Let It Go Without a Photo?

Lori rolled up the "bedroll..."

This would be the completed quilt top and the batting (the nice airtrap between the top and bottom layers).
... and took it to the quilt shop.
She was going to purchase the backing and wash it
before returning with all three layers
to the quilt shop for machine quilting.

Yes! We're going to have it machine quilted!

We loved getting together, but it just hasn't been often enough...
or something to that effect! ha.

Speaking for myself, I've perhaps learned a lesson.

Don't Gloat!


I'll post a photo prior to the end of October.

In the meantime - Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lookey, Lookey!

No More Playing Hooky!

All the trimmed blocks are lying in place...

... and being sewn in strips.

More to report very soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again...

Soon we'll have time to cheer again!

We'll not wait another year again,

For our quilt may be sewn soon!


Lori and I worked Wednesday evening... All 42 blocks are sewn, and now we're trimming them to size. I hope I can finish the trimming and maybe even begin sewing a few together before we meet again!

What do you think about that, Lori??

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Don't tell me...

Okay, I won't.

Okay, tell me...

Alright, then. I just finished my last two "homework" blocks. And Lori has also finished hers.

That means (drumroll), we can begin squaring the blocks and readying to sew them together!!


I agree!


Someone Always Has to Have the Last Word!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Would Think...

... that we're purposely being pokey!
We're not being purposeful about it... we're just pokey.

Last night Lori and I each created one more block. This means we're up to 32 blocks with 10 more to go. We're meeting again this coming Monday night after school. Perhaps I can be organized enough to have enough items pre-cut that we can both spend our entire 1 1/2 hours sewing!!

If there's still a "fan club" out there, we want you to know that we WILL have this sewn together before too very long!

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." Galatians 6:9 NKJV

Shady G

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey, Lori! Look At THIS!

Sit Down, Lori~

Oh, no...

does it look like another pillow?

No... it was just upside down. :-)
This shows the completion of Block Number 30!
Only 12 more to go.

At this rate, 15 months to make 30 blocks,
it'll take us ...
Well, hopefully we can go a little faster, now that we're nearing the end of this part of the project!

You can stand up, now, Lori! ;-)

by Shady G