Monday, November 3, 2014

Watch This Space for Announcements of The Next Mission Project!!

Among the thousands of quilts "out there," what might be our next project??

I'm thinking it should be a little larger...  perhaps queen-sized?  That might take awhile!!  lol

Any suggestions?


Breakfast In Bed? The Quilt is Finished and Sold!

This is the Final Chapter of the Breakfast-In-Bed saga.  Here she is, hanging next to other quilts, at the auction - all monies collected at the sale are used to join in Mission projects around the world. Such missions include Heifer, International, PET project, Church World Service, etc., etc.

Here's a close-up of the quilting.

The quilts below were also auctioned.
This was a queen-sized quilt, and the pieces were TINY!

 Another quilt with small to tiny pieces!!

A friend of mine really admired the black, white and red quilt, at left.

Okay, Lori, Konnie, Soo and Bab...

...guess what.  I couldn't let go of this little quilt.
It now resides on a twin bed in our upstairs guest room!