Monday, March 27, 2017

 Again, this post is not about a Mission Quilt, but you will enjoy seeing what we did recently!

We had our own overnight Quilt Retreat in a town nearby!  The first step?  Food!  Konnie came bearing Dutch goodies and Lori brought homemade muffins!!  Way to go, girls!

Of course we needed lots of "munchies," just in case!

With necessary goodies in the refrigerator!

Finally, here's a peek at our workspace (obviously after we had "moved in" and begun working!
"Click" on any of these photos to enlarge for greater detail.

Lori and daughter-in-law Traacie



Soo's workspace

We had such a fun time that night, settling in and beginning work!  SOME people were organized enough to know what they were working on and had pre-cut their fabric!  Others (me) decided what we were doing after I got there!  I had fun figuring out my project and cutting fabric pieces necessary and was at work before you know it!

Lori and  Traacie cutting and ironing

Tah-dah!  First item on the board!

Let me describe that great "felt board" on the wall!  It holds quilt blocks well and is large enough to hold many pieces of work!  Guess what it is?  A plastic table cloth turned to the wall and which allowed us to use the fuzzy backing.  (I now have one on my basement wall!!)

The next thing we did was to go out for dinner.  My goodness, 1 1/2 blocks away we found a great Mexican restaurant!  We walked around town a bit before heading "home."  Tomorrow, we decided, we're headed for a great-looking coffee shop!

Yes, we really did each head for bed at a decent time!  The next morning found us back in the kitchen area... with all those yummy treats!

 Now that we were all on a "sugar high," as well as the motivation to "get going," we were soon back at our stations!

Check out Traacie's project!  She sewed all these little blocks together, and then what?  She cut sections out and re-sewed them together!!  Wowee!

 It is Beautiful!!

Soo's efforts were two-fold!




Konnie worked on a variety of small projects!

The project progress at the end of the retreat:

However, I missed Konnie's final projects!  They didn't "go on the board!"

We had a great time!
We will do it again, I hope!!