Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saying Goodbye to a Two-Year Friendship...

The Auction Date arrived.
This morning celebrated the 31st Annual Thanksgiving Ingathering,
begun in November, 1978 at the former Westmar College in LeMars, Iowa.

From that humble beginning, the idea spread and it is now celebrated all around the state in a variety of locations.

All the funds raised, through the sale of a variety of donations from United Methodist Church congregations, are channeled to such relief organizations as Self-Help, Heifer International, Crop Walk, etc. Below are photos of most of the quilts that were sold at the quilt auction this morning.

If you look down the row towards the end, you'll see our Christmas 'Jacob's Ladder' quilt!

There it is! The third from the left (below)...

Shhhh! The auction has begun, and unless you want to place a bid...

Oh! We were so excited!
People kept bidding and bidding (I tried for awhile), and then it got down to a contest between two bidders... $175... $200... $225... $235... $245... $255!

It was sold for $255.00

We may just try this again!

Watch for the news of a new quilt...

although, we may not begin for awhile.