Monday, January 21, 2008

Whew! And I Thought This Was EASY?

These blocks are tricky. As careful as I've tried to be (methodical and deliberate as well) I almost blew it!

Don't tell Lori, but I almost made another pillow! Yikes! That would be bad news for two reasons: 1) I'd have to duplicate all that effort to make yet another useful block, and 2) we'd have to re-name this blog! THAT is definitely not in the "stack!" ;-)

You see, there are lots of little squares of fabric that must be sewn into strips.
Then the strips are sewn together, one by one.
The next to the last strip(at this point, it's at the top of the front block) was inverted.
Can you tell? (oops!)

So, I removed the stitches, realigned the strip
and re-sewed the seam. The photo below shows the block
after I finished adding the final strip. Ta-dah!

Now we have a total of 11 completed blocks... plus that odd pillow one.

Just to refresh your memory, here's a close-up of the pillow.

I'm the one that must claim authorship of the pillow block.
But I'm striving to make up for it, and
we only have 31 more blocks to go (for a total of 42).

What do you think, Lori? (Lori is home cutting strips and sewing them together
to make the green and white triangle blocks.)

by Shady