Thursday, October 16, 2014

Okay, Friends! Hand Quilting "Breakfast in Bed" is Finished!

Ever the gal in charge of Quality Control, Bab adds one last stitch or two!

Breakfast in Bed is nearly a reality!!  ;-)  What?  Did you forget that it needs to undergo a couple more steps?
Removing the pins and tacks that held the quilt to the frame.

We used a blue disappearing ink (disappearing with water) to mark our lines... so the quilt must be rinsed.
Wow!  It's off the frame!

There must be a binding applied to all four sides and corners...  (Thanks, Konnie!!!)  Not only did Konnie cut the binding pieces and sew them together, but she's volunteered to sew the binding onto the quilt.  This will eventually necessitate trimming all the excess fabric and batting before the binding is folded over and hand sewn to the back of the quilt.

What do you think?

This is the back of the quilt.  Perhaps you can see the stitching pattern?

We anticipate the rest of the work to be done in a week's time... with the deadline of its being displayed in the church sanctuary over the weekend of October 24-26.

We are quite pleased (happy, excited, giddy?) with the progress that has just been made.

But the fun's not over, yet.  If you can remember the Thanksgiving Ingathering of 5 years ago, when Lori and I took a Christmas Quilt, entitled "Jacob's Ladder" (we nicknamed it Polemonium) to the Missions Auction and it was sold for $255.

I wonder what will happen this year?  The Thanksgiving Ingathering will take place Saturday, November 1. I plan to be there...  I hope the others can be as well.  How about you???

It might be hard to let it go.   Do you suppose one of us will bid?  Or perhaps someone from our church congregation?  Or perhaps someone on Facebook??  (I'm going to advertise!)

You could bid, too, you know!

The saga continues!

Stop by in a couple of weeks or so.
SG, Lori, Konnie, Bab, and Soo.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Breakfast in Bed, did you say? Oh, yeah!

We did discuss favorite breakfast foods today while we were quilting.  There were four of us:  Konnie, Soo, Bab and me (SG).  Two of us like oatmeal (one makes it every day... while the other of us makes it only in the winter), one likes french toast, and one likes cheerios (every day!). 

NO ONE said they ate their breakfast in bed, though.   Do you??

We have Very Little left to do, so a couple or three of us may get together this Thursday to finish the hand quilting!!  (Do you suppose pricking our fingers more often might be a greater possibility?)  ;-)

Yet to do:
1) Remove those various items: needles, thimbles, spools of thread, scissors, etc. and the pins and tacks that hold the quilt on the frame.  Thus removing the quilt from the frame.
2) Sew the binding fabric around all the edges.  (Konnie, did you already volunteer to do this?)
3) Fold over and hand stitch the other side of the binding to the quilt. (Do you think four or five people could do this at the same time?)

Lori, we missed you today.  But we'll keep you posted!  (We need your expertise.)

We hope to have this on display in church over the weekend of October 25-26.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were completely finished??

NOW... to the matter of the pillow...   I do have several 9-patch blocks that were left over (don't ask why, we don't know!).  Wouldn't they be useful in making pillows for the five of us that have done the hand quilting??  :-)

Stay tuned!