Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Did You Say "Breakfast in Bed?"

Mother's Day will be here before long.

Flashback: Once upon a time, when my children were young, they told me to stay in bed. The brought me breakfast -- in bed, and they had made it all by themselves. What a great memory!

Hold that thought!

For now, Lori and I are going to attempt another "memory maker!" We're making "Breakfast in Bed!" But don't get too excited. As much as we'd love to serve you, that's not what we have in mind. :-)

This next quilt project is entitled "Breakfast in Bed!" So... if you want "Breakfast in Bed" by Lori and me, you'll have to attend the quilt auction at the Inservice designed to raise Mission money next Fall!!!

This is the progress so far... cutting strips and pieces.

Won't you join us from time-to-time?


Alberta said...

What a clever quilt name..certainly caught my attention!

Shady Gardener said...

I'm glad it caught your attention, Alberta! Thanks for visiting. :-)